Ride Thera

Where do we go from here?

        Your body and the Earth are Ions - Your Mind Connects Them

Everything happens for us and we become complete when a Man (Male) and another Man (Female) recognize the two energies that they are. Both sexes currently believe that we live in a Man's (Males) world that is dominated with domination over another and breaking things and putting them back together differently. Or breaking things and trashing them.

For most people, seeing the World as Male dominated is a given. However the truth is right in our own home and wherever we go. As much as a Woman acts and shouts like a Male, in her essence and her Heart she knows her Energy is Sympathetic, Undulating and Soft. 

As much as a Man (Males) acts and shouts like a Woman (Female), in his Brain and Heart he knows his Energy is Explosive Destructive and Hard.

Together we are matched. In today's world some have found committed relationships with the same sex and we wish them well as they are equally available to this understanding of ourselves, the world and where we are going as the Humanity Family..

Our two energies, (Males and Females) are in every story or book. In the alphabet. In music. Everywhere in Nature. In our relationships. In the shapes. In the language and words. And in the digits/numbers.

Pretty much every question a Man or a Woman could ask is answered by looking at the Male and Female  Energy. The absolute fastest and most verifiable way to achieve this understanding is in a committed relationship between a Man and a Woman. When each quiets themselves enough and see in each other what is represented in all things, then they really start to appreciate each other, themselves and all of Creation around them.

It will start to occur to you and your committed other that you two represent everything.  And by yielding to and truly listening to each other - They will hear the answers they were always looking for.

If you are with the right person and you want this - it can be done unilaterally and it usually does happen that way. This means one side of the equation - you - can start living it and showing your appreciation and humbleness by example and through your actions and words. The other half of you will see the change and respond. After all, we are Human.